PP Woven Bag


Our products are made of polypropylene based plastic and can be applied to various packages such as flour, feed, rice, sugar, salt, fertilizer, agricultural products, mining products and asphalt. The strength of our product is light and easy to store, not easily broken, and safe for food packaging.

We also produce various sizes that can be tailored to your needs, and various designs with up to 5 colors. Plastic bag packaging can also be added with Inner LLDPE and HDPE so that the product is more protected and waterproof.


Product’s specifications:

Width    : 40 - 75 cm

Length  : 60 - 120 cm

Mesh     : 10/10 - 14/14

Denier   : 700 - 900 D


Inner’s specifications :


Type: HDPE

Width   : 35 - 80 cm

Length : 60 - 125 cm

Micron : 15 - 50 mic



Width   : 35 - 80 cm

Length : 60 - 125 cm

Micron : 30 - 50 mic

Transparant Bag (Transparant PP Woven Bag)


Our company provide transparant and semi transparant PP Woven Bag. These products can also be added to a color list according to your needs.




Other Products


We also provide other products such as Raffia strands and Strapping Band which can be used for various purposes.