We are a manufacturer of polypropylene (PP) woven bag established in 1996. Located in Cicaheum, Bandung, West Java which only takes 30 minutes driving from the Pasteur toll gate, our company is very easy to be accessed.

We produce plastic PP bag for several industries, such as the agriculture and food industry (flour, salt, sugar, rice, grains, starch, animal feed), chemical industry (fertilizer, masterbatch, resin, soda ash), mining industry (calcium, dolomite, aluminum, coal, sand), and others.




In 2016, we opened a new production building to increase our production capacity and expand our market segment. And since 2018, we have received ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system certification by an independent institution.

With our high commitment to always produce products with good quality, competitive prices, and on time delivery, we are trusted to be business partners by customers from all over Indonesia and other countries.

In 2020 our production capacity has reached 8 million pieces / bag per month and will continue to grow along with our development.


Become an integrated packaging provider company for industrial needs.



  1. Produce packaging for industrial needs with guaranteed quality, competitive prices and timely delivery.

  2. Constantly improve competitiveness by using appropriate technology, developing new products and improving the quality of human resources in order to have high competence in their fields.




Every employee of PT. Indokemas Sukses Makmur carries out their work in good faith, sincerely, honestly, responsibly and fully devoted to customers, business partners, society, fellow employees and shareholders.




Every employee of PT. Indokemas Sukses Makmur always gives the best to customers, business partners, employees, management, shareholders, society and government.




Every employee of PT. Indokemas Sukses Makmur always strives to build two-way communication and always thinks positively in giving and receiving any information, suggestions, criticism for the sake of mutual good and progress.